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Introducing GIGAFIT Lady V4!

Updated: Mar 1

We’re thrilled to unveil the new era of luxury fitness for women - GIGAFIT Lady V4! Our latest gym, launching first in the US Market, is where innovation meets elegance, designed exclusively for the modern woman.

Introduction of GIGAFIT Lady V4

Why Gigafit Lady V4?

  • Luxury & Innovation: State-of-the-art fitness technology in a luxurious environment.

  • Exclusively for Women: Tailored to empower and inspire women in their fitness journey.

  • Quality First: Every detail is curated to exceed your expectations.

Introduction of GIGAFIT Lady V4!

Experience the future of women’s fitness through these images, showcasing a first glance at our concept; the perfect blend of style and functionality. Gigafit Lady V4 is more than a gym; it’s a sanctuary where empowerment and wellness converge.

Concept developed in collaboration with our architect @lucieg.architecture

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