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GIGAFIT is a network of premium sports clubs in France and internationally, combining sports, premium services, and lifestyle to provide its members with an exceptional fitness experience.

Cardio training
Strength training

To maintain and complete a sporting activity.

To optimize your figure and lose weight while enjoying yourself.

To strengthen your muscles and reshape your body

To feel good in your body and in your head.






  • What equipment do I need to bring to train?
    In a GIGAFIT gym, you will need to wear appropriate sports clothing, including clean sports shoes. You will also need to bring a personal towel for your training. Finally, don't forget to bring your water bottle, you will need it!
  • What are the hygiene and safety measures to be applied to the machines?
    You should place your towel on the machines before use to avoid direct contact with the equipment and to keep it clean. GIGAFIT provides a cleaning product and paper towels to allow you to clean the equipment after use. After use, we also ask that you unload the bars and store the free weights in their place.
  • What equipment does GIGAFIT offer?
    GIGAFIT offers top-of-the-line equipment for your workouts through its TECHNOGYM and HAMMER STRENGTH equipment.
  • How can I find the schedule for group classes at my club?
    You can find the schedule for group classes at your club directly on the club's website, on the club's social media pages, or displayed on the club's walls.
  • I need advice, are there coaches at GIGAFIT?
    Yes, coaches are present every day in all our GIGAFIT gyms to accompany you and help you if needed. To make an appointment with a personal trainer, we invite you to ask a trainer directly or at the club reception desk.
  • Where can I leave my things during my training?
    GIGAFIT provides lockers for you to leave your personal belongings in during your training. All you need is a lock to secure your belongings in the locker.
  • What should I do if I have lost my entrance badge?
    What should I do if I lose my access badge? If you lose your badge, you will need to purchase a new access card from your club.
  • Are there any sponsorship offers?
    It is indeed possible to sponsor a friend or a family member! To see the details, we invite you to contact directly your referral club, and thus obtain a reward!
  • Can I do a trial session before signing up?
    Before you sign up, you can request a trial session at your club to test the equipment and get an idea of the different services offered by the club. Contact the club nearest you for more information.
  • Do you offer fitness accessories, sportswear or food supplements in your club?
    We offer in our GIGAFIT clubs products of our brand of textile / accessories and food supplements GF One! Find all our product ranges in the club or on our website
  • What is the process for joining a GIGAFIT club?
    To subscribe to a GIGAFIT membership, you must go through our website and pre-register on the page of the chosen club. You will then receive a pre-registration validation email. Then, there are two possibilities to validate your registration. Either a member of the club's team will contact you to arrange a meeting in the gym to validate your registration, or you can go directly to the club's reception desk to validate your membership. To register, you will need an ID, a bank account number and a means of payment.
  • What are the different types of subscriptions offered?
    We offer different types of membership that can be adapted to your schedule and activities. Our price list can be consulted in all transparency on the website as well as at the reception of all GIGAFIT clubs.
  • I want to register with GIGAFIT, can I take advantage of the promotional offers?
    Of course, you can take advantage of current promotional offers if you want to join GIGAFIT. For more information on promotional offers, please visit your club's page.
  • Can I take a trial session before I join?
    Before you sign up, you can request a trial session at your club to test the equipment and get an idea of the different services offered by the club. Contact the club nearest you for more information.
  • At what age can I register and train?
    To register in a GIGAFIT gym, you must be at least 16 years old. If you are a minor, a parental authorization will be required.
  • How do I change my personal information?
    For any change of personal data (postal address, email, telephone, bank details), you will have to go to the reception of your club to change your details.
  • How do I change my membership?
    If you wish to change your membership, you must inform your club and define the modalities of change directly at the reception desk.
  • Is it possible to upgrade my subscription?
    Yes, you can upgrade your subscription to a higher cost package at any time to gain access to our Premium services. You can also change your subscription to a lower cost package. In this case, we will charge you a management fee equal to the entry fee for the new package. To change your membership, simply visit your club's front desk to fill out a new contract and re-set your access card.
  • What options can I add to my membership?
    This will depend on the services offered by your club. You can add optional premium services to your membership, such as the Yanga Moisture Fountain, InBody Health Check or the no commitment plan. Please ask at the front desk what you can add to your membership.
  • What to do when you forget to pay a monthly payment?
    Don't panic, we always send a reminder if the monthly payments have not been paid. If a monthly payment has not been paid or if the deduction could not be made, you can always pay your amount at the club reception desk and inform the team members.
  • What do I do when I receive a payment reminder?
    You will need to make arrangements with your club. If you fail to pay, you may be denied access to the club and be required to pay the amount due.
  • I want to change GIGAFIT clubs, is this possible?
    Yes, all you need is an email from your current club and a second email from your future club to transfer your membership and sign up for a new contract with the same conditions.
  • How do I cancel my membership?
    Send a request to your club by registered mail and include a photocopy of your contract. Your membership will expire within 30 days of receipt of your request. Only the club in which you are a member can cancel your membership.
  • Can I transfer my membership?
    Of course, instead of cancelling, you can transfer your membership to a friend or family member and offer them the best of Fitness. All you have to do is accompany him or her to the reception desk of your referring club and complete the transfer procedure.
Photo d'un jeune homme s'entraînant sur la machine de musculation guidée dans la salle de sport Gigafit


This space is designed to assist you in achieving your fitness goals through high-quality equipment and personalized coaching.


Our free weights area provides you with freedom and a variety of training options to strengthen and tone your body muscles. 

Photo de deux personnes faisant du cardio-training ensemble


With a variety of training options to build your endurance and fitness

Groupe de personnes exerçant dans une salle de sport avec des équipements de renforcement


A space where you can freely practice your favorite movements to strengthen yourself further.


Through intense biking sessions, you can burn calories, improve your physical condition and gain muscle strength.

Jeune femme sportive faisant des étirements dans une salle de sport Gigafit


An essential part of any workout routine, whether it's to warm up before an intense workout or to cool down and stretch your muscles to prevent injury.


Our facilities are designed to provide our members with a premium fitness experience. Our gyms are equipped with top-of-the-line equipment and state-of-the-art technologies to meet the needs of everyone, from beginners to professionals.

Photo application mobile de Gigafit


The GIGAFIT mobile application gives you access to many features to help you reach your fitness goals. You can easily book a workout, view group class schedules, track your performance and progress. All this from your smartphone, wherever you are and at any time of the day.



In addition to having access to top-of-the-line equipment, our members benefit from a range of exclusive services to help them achieve their fitness goals.